Samsung Windows 10 MR Gear images leaked, show AKG audio

While VR headsets have become the norm in taking digital reality to the next level, Mixed Reality, which was introduced by Microsoft with their own headset has not yet come across a mainstream in the market just yet. Samsung has been rumoured to making one of their own as well and there are now pictures to prove it.

The leaked images of the device show us exactly what to expect it to work like. The device will include six degree-of-freedom tracking, which is also the standard for Microsoft’s headsets. This means that the wearer will be able to view objects from all angles and in a 360-degree sphere.

They also show the built-in AKG headphones that are found in the Oculus Rift’s VR headset. The headsets have been adjusted to provide mixed reality audio interfacing. While the images are real enough to show what the MR headset from Samsung will be used like, it is not an indication of an imminent launch any time soon. But it seems like when it does launch, the company will be bundling their headsets with Microsoft controllers.

The MR headsets include six degree of tracking device will come with multiple sensors on board that will be able to understand and absorb information from the diverse aspects of the environment. The lens will create multi-dimensional full-colour holograms by using an optical projection system.

A user on Twitter also had revealed that the headset will be available in black colour. Whether there will be other colours available is not yet confirmed, but there is a possibility that Samsung won’t be too concerned about what the headset’s colour will look like while the wearer is using it. The integrated audio approach has been used by other MR headsets which have been announced by companies such as Dell, Lenovo and Acer.

Essentially, the MR headset will come with two pairs of depth sensing front cameras, that will make it possible to do room scale tracking. To use the device, users will simply need to connect it to PC and then leave their hands free to interact with the mixed world. Microsoft will be holding an event on Mixed Reality on October 3 in San Francisco. While there will be multiple headsets available for purchase from October 17, which falls in line with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Acer’s offering will come at a price of $299, HP’s offering will come in at $450 with motion controllers and Dell or Lenovo will also have a price of $349.

Samsung has already worked with Google to support Daydream for its own VR headsets, and with its new partnership with Microsoft, the company will be looking to take on all the spectrums of virtual and augmented reality.