GoPro’s $500 HERO6 does 4K at 60 fps, FHD at 240fps

GoPro has just announced its latest action camera to the masses, called the HERO6 Black. The camera will be GoPro’s premier go-to camera for videographers and adventurers and has some of the features that fans have been waiting a long time for.

The biggest new feature that the camera will support now, will be the addition of shooting 4K video at a smooth 60 frames per second. The camera can also record slow-motion 1080p video at 240 frames per second and 2.7K video at 120 frames per second.

For a device as compact as this, the GoPro HERO6 Black is quite powerful. Most full-fledged expensive cameras are unable to shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second, and neither can they do 1080p at 240 frames per second either. The iPhone was the first device to defy what a compact camera can do, and now it’s GoPro’s turn.

The new camera uses a custom processor called the GP1 that helps the camera capture higher frame rates. There is also electronic image stabilization available as well, up to 4K at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 120 frames per second. The custom chip also offers better dynamic range and low-light performance.

And while the new camera features more powerful specifications, the battery remains just as good as its predecessor. Apart from offering improved frame rates and better performance, GoPro have also improved the Wi-Fi, making it faster through 5GHz bands to speed up transfers.

Mashable reports that the camera now supports Quik Stories which automatically uploads your footage into the cloud and creates short videos. The feature is integrated right into the camera’s UI. Quik Stories uses AI-driven algorithms to improve the story-telling process. The software can detect face expressions as well as analyse movements, especially during activities like skiing or making a jump.

GoPro have still maintained their still imaging capabilities with their 12MP camera. The camera is also capable of recording HDR videos and images. Because of this, even low-light images are appropriately captured by the HERO6. With this addition, we will most likely see HDR as the preferred method of capturing videos.

As far as pricing is concerned, the camera will come with a price tag of $500. While some might find it expensive, the features brought about from the offering will be worth it. For better auto-exposure capabilities and added frame rates, the GoPro HERO6 may be the company’s best device yet.