Echo Show competitor made by Google expected to launch be end of 2017

Amazon’s Echo devices have so far been a hit with buyers of late and with the addition of the company’s new Echo Show, the competition will be doubling down on their own offerings, with similar features that the Echo Show will bring to the segment. Based on recent reports, Google will be one of the companies making their take on the Echo Show.

According to report from Engadget, Google has been working on a competitor to the Echo Show. The company’s name for the device in development internally, is codenamed “Manhattan”. The device is said to come with a screen the same size as the one found on the Echo Show.

It will also come with video calling, Google Photos, Google Assistant and YouTube (which the Echo Show no longer supports). It can also control smart home devices as well. The Echo Show was first unveiled in May and while it did score low points for its design and low screen resolution, Google will be looking on being the more tempting offering.

Google was earlier speculated to be working on devices with larger screens than the Echo Show. The Manhattan was supposed to have been launched in 2018, but with Echo Show being a surprise hit, Google will be pressured into releasing it before the end of the year. The device will be expected to run a version of Android so that it will be easier for other apps to be side-loaded onto the system.

Google may unveil the product on October 4, which the same time as launch of the new Pixel phones, but there has not been enough evidence in the form of confirmation from the company to support the same. It does put into perspective why Google planned to exclude YouTube from the Echo Show’s app list so fast.

It does make a lot of sense for Google to launch a smart screen for its uses as it would act as a hub for the user’s connected applications, images and videos. It will also make the device as the central control unit of the house. It will essentially be a more functional version of the Google Home smart speakers, but whether it is a necessary addition to the line-up of existing smart screen appliances that are on the market, will depend ultimately on the public interest for the product.

While the device’s pricing has not yet been speculated upon, seeing as it will be competing with the Echo, it will also be priced around the $230 mark.