New & Improved Apple Watch Series 5

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the recently updated Apple Watch Series 5 and all the changes that you’re going to love.

New Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch has been a best seller for years, and the Series 5 has added even more useful features, more finishes, band options, and brand themes.

New Features & Improvements

Let’s start with the most obvious change. The new Series 5 is always on. What does that mean? With the previous generations of Apple Watches you had to raise your wrist to trigger the screen’s display. It might seem like a simple change, but now the Series 5 is always on so no matter what angle or position you have the watch in, you’ll always be able to check the time with a simple glance.

The display itself features Apple’s Retina technology, and the intelligent software uses a dimmed version of the display when it not in use to preserve battery life but still be visible. And it’s not just the time, but you can choose from a variety of displays that keep you informed of your most important info.


A new Compass feature has been added, along with updated Maps, providing you with more than just your direction. Latitude, longitude, incline, elevation are just a glance away and you can even set the compass as your default watch face which is great when exploring the outdoors.

Additional added features include International Emergency Calling that functions even without the presence of your iPhone, as well as updated health and fitness trackers.

All these added features still don’t detract from the watch’s fantastic battery life coming in at around 18 hours. Simply charge it when you sleep and it will keep going all day.

New Cases, Colors And Styles

The new Apple Studio allows you to customize the creation of your Apple Watch with optional case materials, colors, bands, and even brands.


A new natural titanium case finish as well as a space black titanium finish have been added to the lineup with a beautiful finish thanks to it’s Diamond-Like Coating that will maintain is color and resist scratches.

Other case options include the previous stainless steel and aluminum both available in gold and silver, while the steel option gets space black and the aluminum gets space grey. There’s also a gorgeous new ceramic white case, as well as new sport loop bands available in a variety of colors.


Are you the athletic type? Or maybe you want something a little fancier? Apple has partnered with some of your favorite leading brands to offer special editions like the Nike Watch styles for active lifestyles or the Hermes Watch styles for the latest in style.

No matter what the situation calls for, you can customize your new Apple Watch Series 5 to match.