The Best Tablets Of 2019

It’s time to round up all the best tablets of 2019!

Not only are tablets becoming more and more powerful these days, but now there are a variety of options to fit every budget, and even tablets for kids!

For many the tablet is the perfect mix of portability, computing power, and ease of use. In fact, many consumers have left their laptops behind and use their tablet for just about everything. Thanks to abundant wifi connections, and numerous wireless accessories like printers, keyboards, and headphones, tablets can do just about everything the casual user needs and still maintain the convenient portability everyone wants.

But with so many tablets on the market these days, how do you know which is the right one for you?

Walk into any electronic store these days and you can be overwhelmed with choices. Not only are you choosing which tablet to buy, but keep in mind that depending on which manufacturer you choose you will also be aligning yourself with a specific operating system and marketplace whether it be Apple iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Amazon, Windows, etc.

We’ve evaluated all the current models available and narrowed down the top tablets in a variety of categories to suit your needs.

Apple Tablets

Large & Powerful


iPad Pro 12.9

This is the flagship tablet of the marketplace! Big screen, big battery, powerful chipset, lots of storage, and great accessories like the Apple Pencil.

Powerful & Portable


iPad Pro 11

Featuring the same powerful chipset as the 12.9 but in a slightly smaller more portable package, the iPad Pro 11 is every bit as capable but a bit easier to carry.

Sleek & Lighteight


iPad Air

For the average user who wants a sleek lightweight tablet the iPad Air is the best choice. While being light, it’s still plenty powerful for everyday use.

Budget Conscious


Basic iPad

It might be the base model, but it’s still a powerful device and with the the release of the Pro models the price of the normal iPad has come down making it a great budget choice.

Small Yet Capable


iPad Mini

Need a tablet that fits in your purse or briefcase? The iPad Mini is the king of the small tablets. While the design is a bit dated, it’s small size makes it perfect on the go.

Android, Windows & More

Best Android


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

If you’re a power user but the Apple iOS doesn’t appeal to you, then this is the tablet you want. It features similar powerful specs and numerous accessories like the iPad Pro lineup but with the Android OS that many prefer.

Best Windows


Microsoft Surface Pro 7

NEW – The Surface Pro 7 will officially go on sale Oct 22nd 2019 and they’re hoping it will replace your laptop! With specs to rival any of the other top level tablets and the Windows 10 OS to make syncing your work life convenient, they might be right.

Best ChromeOS


Google Pixel Slate

The Pixel Slate features the ChromeOS as it’s operating system, but uses Android apps and marketplace so you get the best of both worlds. It has all the same accessories available as the other top of the line tablets.

Coming Soon


Microsoft Surface X

At the time of this article it hasn’t officially gone on sale yet, but the new Surface X is Microsoft’s flagship design and boasts even more power, battery life, bigger screen, and LTE connectivity. It will be available Nov 5th 2019.

Best Budget Tablet


Lenovo Tab 4

With a bright easy to read 8 inch screen and a long lasting battery, the Lenovo Tab 4 delivers the full Android experience in a tablet that your wallet will love, coming in well under $150 at current prices.

Best For Kids


Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids

The Fire HD 10 Kids is the newest in Amazon’s lineup of tablets designed for kids with parental controls and a bright protective shell that makes them easy to hold, and protects them during the inevitable drops.

No matter what your style of use is, or what your budget range is, we hope this guide helps you find a tablet that perfectly suits your needs.