16 Inch MacBook Pro 2019 Soon?


So far 2019 has not seen much in the way of updates for the MacBook Pro lineup, but rumors of a 16 Inch MacBook Pro are stirring up a frenzy of excitement.

The current lineup of course features the much loved MacBook Pro 13 Inch and 15 Inch models which had a number of small revisions for 2019 including an improved keyboard design and the latest Intel Gen 9 processors and faster SSD harddrives to keep you on the cutting edge of computer power.

Other than that, not much is different from their release in 2018, and some shoppers have expressed their lack of excitement over the current models minor updates.

However, rumors are circulating right now about Apple possibly releasing some additional improvements for both those models, but the biggest news is the possible announcement of a 16 Inch MacBook Pro model.

Apple fanatics are buzzing over the potential to get their hands on what would be Apple’s largest MacBook Pro screen to date.


At this point we can only speculate about what the potential specs would be, but the largest MacBook would be their flagship model and thus it’s likely it would feature the most powerful processors running on the latest architecture from Intel as well as possibly options for more RAM, and of course the fastest SSD’s for storage.

Some sources indicate that the new 16 Inch model might feature significant improvements and redesign over the current models. We’d love to see more memory expansion options, port options, updated graphics, better audio, and maybe even a new look.

No official word yet on a possible release date, but with the major holiday shopping season coming soon, the news could break any time now.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest MacBook Pro updates.