Lenovo nixes Android Nougat updates for Phab2 Series, including Phab2 Pro, Tab3 series

Lenovo sure knows how to disappoint its fans. The company is reportedly not going to be updating quite of few of its smartphones launched this year that had come with Marshmallow. According to sources, it is taking the OnePlus route and simply stopped updating the older phones, even those that were released no later than this earlier this year.

Android update not coming to Lenovo’s Phab2 series for now

The company had just updated its software upgrade page. Unfortunately, the entire Phab2 series that has been around for less than a year will not be moving on to Android Nougat. One of the biggest turning points for Android arrived with one of these smartphones in the form of the Phab2 Pro, which was the first ever smartphone to feature Android Tango. It will however, be stuck at Android Marshmallow and will not be moved up the OS chain, despite being such a well-known and contributing addition to the Lenovo family of smartphones. The Lenovo Phab, Phab Plus, Phab2, and Phab2 Plus will all also not receive any updates. In fact, the Phab Plus is still stuck on Android Lollipop. Considering that Lenovo has just announced that it will be installing only stock Android builds on its future phones, it seems that it will be leaving behind its older smartphones and turn a new leaf.

Apart from the entire Phab2 series, the Tab3 7 and the Tab3 10 will also not move beyond their current OS. Needless to say, the company will be facing the fury of the customer community, especially those early adopters who spent more than $500 on the Tango-powered Phab2 Pro. All the mentioned phones which have been declared not to receive the updates, are more than capable of running Android Nougat and could also benefit in terms of performance form a less bloated and more vanilla Android interface. What made the company take such a decision to stop updates for these specific models is not yet explained.

Some phones from Lenovo, such as the K6 Note, the K6 Power, the P2 and the Z2 Plus have all received their updates in India and considering they were budget handsets, it is surprising that the company did not continue with the rest of the phones in its roster. If this is the trend, it could mean that most phones released with Android Nougat in the following months may or may not even see Android O at all. While this piece of news may veer buyers from purchasing Lenovo devices, for those who already possess a smartphone that is not supported by the company’s update process, can turn to the forums and look into rooting their smartphones to get the latest updates.