Galaxy Note 8 will be on sale September 15, official launch on August 23

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is touted to be one of the biggest heavy hitters this year, for more than one reason. Firstly, it will be exceeding the expectation that the Samsung Galaxy S8 had brought forth in the beginning of the year, and secondly, it will be undoing the damage the previous Note 7 had cost the company last year. Finally, there is confirmation as to when the phablet will make its appearance and it is closer than initially expected.

According to reports, the phablet will officially go on sale on September 15, with pre-orders beginning earlier that month, from September 1 to September 10. The phone will be released in an event in New York City on August 23 and the timing of the release of the phones in the US are seemingly identical. Those who have pre-ordered their phones will most likely receive their units on or before the selling date of the device. In doing so, the Note 8 will be directly competing with the new iPhone 8 when it receives its launch date in the same month, which is fitting as only something like the Note 8 can go toe to toe with the mighty iPhone 8.

The Samsung Note 8 will also come in a 256GB storage, which will supposedly be made exclusive only to certain markets. In the case of the S8, there were only 150,000 units of the 128GB storage variant and they only went on sale in the company’s home country in South Korea. Hopefully, Samsung can release the larger capacity Note 8 the world over as well.

If the Note 8 does release with such a large capacity of internal storage, it will be Samsung’s first ever smartphone to do so. Whether there will be the presence of a microSD card slot in the phone is set to be seen however, but hopefully, as is the trend with Samsung flagships, the company may include one. It will not want to disappoint fans now, after all.

Forbes, in its report, suggests that there will be numerous pop-up stores opened up starting on August 25 demonstrating the capabilities of the Note 8. It also seems that the sales of the Note 8 will start during the pre-ordering phase of the iPhone 8. Samsung has already sent out invitations to the press that show a larger near bezel-less display like the ones on the Galaxy S8, along with the S-Pen, with the tagline, “Do bigger things.” With the S-Pen, the company is rumored to also be revealing a new 3D-touch rivalling mechanic that will offer more functionality to the phablet.