Caviar’s $4,500 iPhone X is made of titanium and meteorite

The iPhone X is just a couple of weeks away from launch and while people all over the world are talking about the phone’s huge price-tag, will feel that it will be the most expensive phone of the year. While it will still be as expensive as the Note 8 and the Huawei Mate 10, the iPhone X’s popularity will attract a number of spin-offs from third party manufacturers and among the upcoming names, Caviar’s own iPhone X offerings seems to be the most interesting, and the most expensive.

The Russian company Caviar does have a reputation of making more expensive variants of flagship smartphones and for those who have a few thousand Dollars lying around, the Caviar iPhone X will seem like a credible option. In order to justify the high price tag of the Caviar iPhone X, which is $4,500, this iPhone will be made of titanium, which is used by the Russians in making their MiG-35 fighter jets, Satan ICBMs (which are missile launching platforms) and T-14 tanks.

Of course, a titanium build by itself will not be the only feature that buyers will be paying for. Encrusted on the phone are Seymchan stones, which are taken from meteorites that have dropped over the Magadan region in Russia. It is one of the rarest minerals found on Earth and gives the phone that unique novel connection that the uber-rich will be looking for. Caviar is also giving their customers the power to customize their phones the way they want.

As mentioned in GSM Arena’s report, the company provides buyers the option of plating the back panel with a golden coat of arms of the country of Kaasazhstan, Armenia or Checchnya. There is also a special love variant that includes purple-leather backs with blue Joesphine diamonds. For those who like quirky concepts, there is also a special variant with golden plates of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

The cheapest of the offerings from the company will be a hefty $3,000 which will be for the black Onyx variant and the meteorite coated variant will cost $4,500. To put this in contrast with the regular iPhone prices, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X will be priced at $986, $1,125 and $1,385 respectively. Apart from already being the most powerful phone when it enters the market, Apple will be cementing its place as the sought after and customizable phones of the year as well.