Turn Your Toilet Into An Air Freshening Nightlight

Posted By Josh Mott

How many times have you been woken up by the sudden need to roll out of bed and head to the bathroom? Half asleep you stumble into the bathroom with a decision to make. Do you bravely attempt to use the toilet in the dark or turn the light on?

With the flick of the switch, a bright light hits your eyes stimulating your brain and throwing your clock off. This will almost assuredly lead to a bad nights sleep and a grumpy morning.

With this in mind, you decide to use the toilet blindly. As a man, you are unavoidably going to miss your mark and hit the toilet seat and as a woman, you are risking the fact that a mess wasn’t already made. Leaving you with a nasty wet surprise the second you sit down.

If only there was an innovative new toilet light that would ensure that loved ones could find the bathroom, even in total darkness, without ever having to flip on a light switch?

Introducing GlowBowl Fresh

With GlowBowl Freshnighttime navigation of the bathroom has never been easier. Its patented LED light comes in 13 soothing colors or a color-carousel mode that can make toilet time fun for kids who are apprehensive to use the bathroom at night. GlowBowl even includes a dimming switch that allows you to choose your optimal brightness level.

World’s Only Toilet Nightlight With A Built-In Air Freshener!

Not only does GlowBowl Fresh help you see where you pee, but it also keeps your bathroom fresh with months of odor protection.  Its Unique design houses a built-in air freshener that zaps nasty bathroom odors and keeps your bathroom smelling clean around the clock.

No Lights to Turn On

Glow Bowl features an LED motion activated light.  This Motion Activated technology turns on automatically as you walk near it and shuts off as you walk away. This ensures a longer battery life and eliminates the need to find a switch or button while your half asleep.

How Does It Work?

Glow Bowl works right out of the box and can be set up in seconds. Its patented flexible arm attaches to any toilet with no installation needed.  Just …

  • Open the air freshener and insert it into GlowBowl Fresh
  • Choose your color and attach to the toilet
  • Light it Up

That’s it! Your toilet is ready to go and will light up the next time you use the bathroom in darkness.

Don’t Be Fooled

There is only one GlowBowl Fresh, don’t be fooled by imitators. GlowBowl is the only brand that offers these great benefits…

  • Lights Up AutomaticallyGlowBowl Fresh lights up when you go and turns off to save battery life!
  • Fits Every Toilet – Patented design allows the 3.5” flexible arm to attach to ANY toilet
  • Keeps Bathroom Smelling Great- Replaceable air freshener smells incredible and provides months of odor protection
  • Ultimate Potty Training Tool – Kids absolutely love GlowBowl Fresh and It encourages them to use the bathroom, even at night
  • Works Right Out Of The Box – Sets up in seconds, no installation needed!
  • Easy To Clean – Water resistant casing can be cleaned with household cleaners.
  • Control The Brightness – 5 stage dimmer allows you to choose your personal brightness level

Where Can I Get It?

It’s easy, just click the following link and purchase directly from the company’s website.