XY Find It: The Simple Way to Find Lost Items

Posted By Josh Mott

It’s estimated that the average American spends almost 3 full days per year searching for lost and misplaced items.

A new San Diego startup, XY Find It, is trying to change that and is making finding lost items as easy as clicking a button. 

This stealthy quarter sized-device feels like something straight out of a James Bond flick. After you unbox the XY Find It beacon you just download their free app and attach the beacon to anything you are afraid of misplacing.

This is the simplest way to track things like your car, bike, pets, purse, or wallet.

XY Find It weighs just over one ounce and costs $39.99.

There are no monthly fees. Just the initial product cost.

XY Find It is powered by Bluetooth connectivity and piggybacks a network with millions of existing users to help triangulate and pinpoint the last known location of your beacon.

Use XY To Track Anything

XY users are using their beacons to track everything from their keys to their wallets and pets, and even vehicles.

How Does It Work?

The set-up process takes about 5 minutes.

First, you’ll download the free app that works for both Android and iOS, then pair it with your XY beacon. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can attach your XY beacon to your keychain, bike, pet, or any item you want to keep track of.

Next, you open the app on your smartphone to see the exact location of the device on the map.

If you lose an item simply press “find device” and the smartphone app will provide the last known location of your beacon.

Why Should I Get One?

XY Find It gives you the power to track anything and because of its size, you can put it almost anywhere. There’s no monthly fee, it’s easy to set up, and can help you avoid countless hours and stress that come with searching for lost or misplaced items.

The latest XY4+ version of the beacon is sold out in many retail locations, but you can check availability on their official website.