JellyTank: The Ultimate Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

Posted By Josh Mott

Everyone loves watching jellyfish at an aquarium. The way they effortlessly float through the water is mesmerizing and feels like something out of this world. Imagine taking that feeling to your home or office desktop.

A Sarasota based startup, JellyFish Tank, is making that dream a reality.

With over $188,000 raised on KickStarter this desktop aquarium startup quickly went viral and with its sleek and innovative design. This is one of our favorite viral gadgets we reviewed in 2018 and it’s easy to see why.

What Is It?

The JellyFish Tank is a desktop jellyfish aquarium designed for your home, office, or commercial space.  This state-of-the-art tank makes owning pet jellyfish and an aquarium easier and more affordable than ever.

JellyFish Tank’s team of experts created their tanks to be both user friendly and equally easy to maintain. This breakthrough technology provides an optimal environment where jellyfish can safely enjoy a water flow pattern that mimics natural open water conditions.

How Does It Work?

The JellyFish Tank was designed to make jellyfish feel more at home. Each 5-gallon tank is 16 inches tall, 13 inches inches wide, and weighs just under 20 pounds.

Set up is easy. The company’s website provides helpful resources for first time jellyfish owners, setting up your tank, and free app (available for both Android and iOS) for easy maintenance reminders.   

The JellyTank’s clean modern design is perfect for a home, office, classroom. You can even control your tanks LED lighting and colors with a wireless remote.

How cool is that?

JellyFish Tank Features

Where Can I Get One?

After a massively successful KickStarter campaign and several celebrities sharing JellyTanks on social media channels, the product quickly went viral and has been only available in limited quantities.