Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL rumor round-up

Just a few days away, the next generation of Pixel phones have already received legendary status as per the rumors and anticipation surrounding their release. While many are not exactly sure what the specifications of the phone will be, fans are sure that the new Pixel phones will offer the best Android experience of the year, with the same reliable fluidity of software updates and UI that Google’s vanilla Android is capable of.  Here is round-up of the rumors surrounding Google’s new flagships.


Design-wise, the two variants of the phone will follow the same philosophy as its predecessors did, but this time, we might get to see dual-tone colours. They will also have minimal bezels like those found on the Galaxy S8. The larger Pixel is rumoured to come with an 80 to 85 percent screen to body ratio. One particular design change that Google is expected to make for its new phones, is the removal of the headphone jack. While most manufacturers have opted to remove the headphone jack from their recent flagships, it seems like Google may follow suit as well. The phone’s body is said to be IP67 dust and water resistant


Both phones are expected to come with single lens cameras. Google will not be using dual-lens cameras in its new generation Pixel phones like the rest of the competition. While the camera on the rear will have optical image stabilization, the front-facing camera might also feature OIS, but that is not confirmed as of yet.


While initial reports speculated that the phones might come with the Snapdragon 836 processor, those reports were proven wrong as Qualcomm had stated that it did not manufacture any kind of chip resembling the speculation behind the Snapdragon 836. The newest speculations point out towards the possibility of the phone featuring the same Snapdragon 835 processor as all other flagships this year. Storage options will be limited to 64GB and 128GB.

Like the HTC U11, the phone will also feature an Active Edge functionality that will enable users to squeeze the edges of the phone to activate certain applications or do certain functions. Interestingly, the phone will also have an E-SIM card slot which will allow users to switch to different networks without needing to swap SIM cards. As far as battery power is concerned, the smaller of the two new Pixels is said to feature a 2,700mAh battery while the larger of the two will feature a bulky, 3,520mAh battery. There will also be the addition USB Type-C like the previous generation, with fast charging.


The Pixel 2 XL is said to come with a QHD display and the Pixel 2 will come with a 1080p display. While we might not see a curved display on the phone, it seems likely that Google will use a flatter, edge-to-edge OLED display.