Daedalus: The iron man suit that Tony Stark would be proud of (video)

Tony Stark is about to face some stiff competition in the form of a startup venture called Gravity, that is making their very own Iron Man suit with the ability to fly.

The Telegraph reports that the suit was first conceptualized by British inventor entrepreneur Richard Browning, the entire contraption is essentially a body armour with attached jet propulsion systems that will launch the user into the air. These miniature jets are fitted onto the legs of the limbs and are then controlled by the user as they fly. His company, Gravity, has filed for patents with human propulsion tech that can redefine manned flight.

Browning developed the suit in his garage in Salisbury, UK (Red Bull)

Browning has been a Royal Marine Reservist and he has also created YouTube video showing the testing of the ‘Daedalus’ mark 1 jet-engine suit, being practiced in fields, factories as well as in empty car lots. In the footage, it is seen that the suit can travel a few metres so far, and the company is positive that it can complete the world’s first human propulsion flight in the next 12 months. According to Gravity, their aim is to create a human flight system that is meant for commercial, military as well as entertainment uses. They are hoping that this machine can spell a new era for aeronautical engineering.

Browning does mention that although the suit can be used for flying at break-neck speeds as well as thousands of feet upwards, the normal usage of operation will be no less than a few metres. The company also has received support and partnership from Red Bull, who have also documented is work. Interestingly, Browning told the sports drink company that riding the suit was like riding a bike in three dimensions.

Right now, the entire suit itself looks like just a prototype with a lot bulging parts and some make-shift enhancements that make it look more flight-inclined. It will probably take some time in order to make the suit look a lot more presentable and usable since right now it is just in the process of development. For applicational purposes, it does not seem like the suit allows for the hands to be used freely, so if people are going to use it, they will only be using it to fly and not do much else with those big propulsion engines attached to the hands.

It is an interesting concept, and with mechanical exoskeletons soon taking over factories and helping workers in lifting heavy production units, it does not seem impossible for the Daedalus to also have its scope for function.