SHFT IQ will let AI be your coach, measure running style and give real-time stats

It was bound to happen. AI assistants now come in the form of fitness coaches. SHFT IQ is a start-up that has created a device that serves as a virtual coach for users who are into running and improving their fitness regime.

The device can track the length of stride, number of steps taken, body tilt, pace and much more. All of this data is then collected by the device and transferred to the compatible app for the user to look at on their phone. The AI on the device makes a personal training regimen based on the qualities of the workout. All of this feedback can be received live by the device thanks to a connected pair of headphones.

Through the SHFT app users will be able to see workouts, get access to data and metrics and see training drills (Kickstarter)

The company is seeking funding on Kickstarter and is inching closer to its goal. They have also partnered with Funded Today in order to pool in more backers and get some more funding done. The metrics provided by the device to the user are measured in real-time learns the movements and the body habits of the user the more it is being used.

According to Digital Trends, the company is calling this device the world’s first virtual running coach that has artificial intelligence. The device itself is a small triangular piece of equipment that can be easily clipped to the user’s shoe or belt and it will do its tracking. Unlike traditional tracking devices, it can translate all of this complicated data into simple, measurable units for runners to absorb and understand how it affects their bodies and how they can improve. The company has taken considerable steps in order to study the metabolic habits of the body as well as running techniques and movement.

The brains of the device is the Intel Curie chip that does all the data tracking and analysing and has found itself becoming a favourite among different fitness tracking devices. The device does an initial base run in order to track the user’s running experience and improves upon that on upcoming runs. When it will be available in September 2017, the device will cost around $69, that is if the funding becomes successful.