Flagship Battle – iPhone 11 vs Pixel 4


It’s been a great year for smartphones with many amazing devices being released featuring a vast array of improved cameras, processors, and software.

Two of the most awaited devices this year were the latest releases for the iconic iPhone from Apple and the challenger from Google the Pixel.

The iPhone of course has been around a lot longer and has a much larger user base, but does that mean it’s a better phone? Or has Google come up with something to beat the giant? Let’s find out!

What do they have in common?

First let’s get the similarities out of the way before we dive in to what makes them different. Both phones offer fancy camera modes, 4k video capture, multi-lense camera setups, super fast processors, dual sim cards, facial recognition, and the typical 64gb and 128gb storage options (Apple has an additional 256gb option for a hefty fee).

Both devices also clock in at similar price points, with the iPhone being slightly less expensive than the Pixel at their respective storage size options.

Of course, both feature the latest and greatest operating system from their respective camps, and many times the decision to purchase a smart phone can come down to your preference in operating system, but for those who are open to switching keep in mind that it’s very easy to transfer all your messages and data between the 2 operating systems these days.

What sets them apart?

Here’s where we get into the interesting stuff, where do these 2 devices stand out from each other?

Display – The iPhone 11 features a larger display than the Pixel, but the Pixel boasts a higher pixel density and faster refresh rate. This is a major selling point for the Pixel, and possibly the only area where it bests the iPhone.

Camera – Both devices feature amazing high resolution cameras front and back, but most reviewers prefer the images and video of the iPhone over the Pixel. The Pixel does have an interesting astrophotography mode, but it’s not enough to beat the iPhone’s gorgeous video capture.

Battery – While Apple does not disclose the exact specifications of their battery, in independent testing the iPhone 11 lasted longer than the Pixel 4 in multiple tests.

The Winner – General consensus around the staff and reviewers is that while the Pixel 4 is an excellent device, the iPhone 11 is still king!