Windows 10 Creators Update: 10 features you’ll love

The Creators update by Microsoft for Windows 10 has been hotly anticipated since it promises some performance improvements as well as some scope for design and creativity as well. The Insider program lent itself well to introducing the purpose of the update to many much before its official reveal, and now the update has finally hit all devices. Here are some of the biggest feature to look forward to:

1) Game Mode
The best way to run a game is to have no other background tasks open as it drains valuable power and processing resources from the game performance. Windows 10 knows this and will make sure that when Game Mode is on, the CPU and GPU will focus only on the game at hand and nothing else. For this purpose, there is a special Xbox setting in the options menu that lets users activate Game Mode. Apart from optimization, Game Mode will also allow for users to record and beam their gameplay to live gaming platforms such as Twitch.

2) Cortana
For those who will receive a brand-new computer with the update or will be doing a fresh install of it, Cortana will have its own setup process for the user to go through, such as gauging voice commands and setting up the Wi-Fi network and keyboard layout. Overall, the setup experience is now made even more simpler and faster as opposed to previous versions of Windows.

3) Picture in Picture
Microsoft now lets users have their Movies and TV app run atop all other screens so that they can watch their videos while they are being productive, much like a pop-up video. The feature is not currently supported on all of Microsoft’s apps at the moment, but will gain traction as more developers include it in their builds and updates.

4) Night Light
For those who work at nights extensively, this will be a helpful and thoughtful feature to protect the eyes. Windows 10 will reduce the blue light from the screen at a specific time set, preferably after sunset, making it easier for users to operate even at night without any problems.

5) Paint 3D
One of the biggest and most looked forward to additions, the Paint 3D app brings the power of 3D manipulation along with other very cool new design features that make the app not only suitable for casual users, but also for those who specialize in designing. A content creation tool such as this is a powerful addition and much different from the older Paint that we are used to seeing.

6) Faster Windows Hello
Operation time for the Windows Hello security unlock feature has been improved significantly, with faster facial scanning along with Windows showing users exactly how the scanning process works as well. For compatible devices, this will now officially be the preferred way of logging in.

7) Microsoft Edge improvements
Edge is making it a lot easier for power users to function, especially for those who do not like the clutter of tabs along their window. Edge will now provide the option of setting aside those tabs in a separate drawer for users to access when they need to. Edge will also support e-books as well as 360-degree video support. Users will be able to download e-books from the Windows Store as well as see sample 360-degree videos from the Movies and TV app.

8) Windows Goodbye
Made to be the opposite of Windows Hello, this nifty little feature is helpful, especially in the office environment where lots of people are bound to look over other screens. How it works is, the Windows PC will be paired to a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone that will be on the person. Once Windows senses that the Bluetooth device is too far away, the computer will automatically lock itself. Another thoughtful feature for users, courtesy of Microsoft.

9) Update scheduling
Windows has been infamous for its sudden updates taking place on unsuspecting victims. Now, Microsoft has heard the woes of users and have given them the option of pausing updates for up to a week or to simply change the active hours in Windows for up to 18 hours a day.

10) Privacy
Windows 10 did face quite a bit of criticism over not being secure or private enough for the user experience. Now, users will be prompted before giving information such as location, speech recognition as well as other personal details that are used for sending out ads and for analytics.

For now, users will have a lot of these new features to enjoy and play around with, that is until the next major update will be coming later this year that will offer some more new features as well as design updates.