Simplehuman’s trash can is voice-activated and will cost $200

Stainless steel cans have not been known to be feature smart features in the past, but the Simplehuman trash cans are setting out to redefine the how people throw their waste, by being a little intuitive, a little smart, and also a little pricier than the regular trash can.

Digital Trends reports that the company has just announced a new can that is more interactive than previous technical trash cans which only allowed users to either wave their hand or step on the lever to raise the lid. This time around, the company wants users to talk to the trash can to open it. There are two versions of the trash can that have been introduced, a single-compartment version and a dual-compartment version. The single-compartment version will be sold for $200 while the dual-compartment version will be sold for $250.

For those who can do without the voice-activated functions, they will just need to pay $140 for a single 10.5-litre trash can that can be opened by pressing the lever on top of the can. For that price, the trash can will be a good showpiece for the garbage. The more expensive, voice-activated version of the can is meant for those who are willing to spend the extra $40. For the smart trash can, buyers will get a trash compartment that can be opened by either saying “open” or by waving the hand at the sensor.

The trash can will either be powered by batteries or can also be powered if wired to an outlet. Simplehuman also sells their own specially fitted bags that will exclusively fit the trash can. A pack of 60 will cost about $27. The idea of the voice-activated lid opening function has been added to ensure that germs do not spread onto the can further from the user. It is meant to allow the can to retain less germs contracted by the user and carried to the surroundings of the can. Especially for those who are germophobic or just really want a cleaner house, this will be a compelling purchase. For everyone else, not so much.

Simplehuman’s device will also feature Wi-Fi at a later date. This is in order to incorporate the ability for the trash can to order bags from Amazon through the Amazon Dash button. But for now, buyers will have to spend their money on a can that can just open and close by word of mouth. For times when the user has to carry a large amount of garbage to dispose, the voice activation does come in handy. And while it may not be at a price that is to everyone’s liking, the trash can does its job just as well as promised.