Samsung to release AirPower rival along with S9 release

Samsung was among the first manufacturers to address wireless charging and come out with their own wireless charging solution. And it could charge any device that is capable of the qi wireless charging as well, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. With the new Samsung Galaxy S9 just a couple of months shy from being releasing, we might get to see a brand new wireless charger from the company.

The company has already shown hints of dropping a new DeX desktop station for computers and now, the addition of a more powerful wireless charger will complete the company’s 2018 flagship package. The current wireless charger from Samsung already offers a robust feature-spec, with light indicators that show how well the phone is being placed on the charging area and a stylish hockey-puck design. With Apple releasing their new AirPower charger to the masses soon, Samsung will be quick to clap back with their own multiple-device charger on or before February 25 when the AirPower does officially release. While Samsung has not outwardly made any claims regarding the release of a new qi wireless charger, rumours have speculated that a more powerful, faster-charging solution is in the works.

The new version of the charger will be able to charge multiple devices at a time and will charge the phones much faster as well, like Dash Charge. Considering wireless chargers are still a long way off from being as fast as brick chargers in terms of speed, this feature would be a great addition to the new generation of wireless chargers. Both Apple and Samsung have been in a race to outdo each other’s tech of late. The S9 should hope to bring buyers away from the hype and the lure of the iPhone X once it is released, but whether the phone will still match up to the new iPhone’s raw power will be up to debate.

We do know that the S9 will likely be announced during the MWC 2018 and released in March, and we also know that the phone will come with a headphone jack and USB Type C port. This port will supposedly be used for connecting the device to the DeX station and other new accessories that Samsung will be releasing next year. The S9+ will feature more RAM and dual-cameras this time around, apart from simply being larger in size than the standard S9. Our speculations will be confirmed in February, when Samsung officially makes the announcement.