The Samsung NoteBook 9 Pen is a convertible laptop with S-Pen

With CES here and ready to present with us the next best tech of the year, among the first few sightings that we have been blessed with at the convention is a new Note from Samsung. This time, it is more than just a hand-held phablet or tablet.

The new device by the company is called the Notebook 9 Pen – a 13.3-inch convertible tablet with Windows 10 on-board. The device has a lightweight body made of magnesium alloy. There is a total of two versions of the convertible – one is a 13.3-inch and the other is a 15-inch. Both variants offer a display with moderate brightness that should e acceptable by today’s standards. The convertible runs on the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor with a generous serving of 16GB of RAM. There is also a 512GB SSD on-board as well.

Based on Engadget’s report, the styling of the device is nothing new and seems rather under-stated compared to what we are used to seeing nowadays. Considering Samsung is no stranger to making laptops and convertibles, the Note branded device will be hard-pressed to appeal to the intended audience. And Samsung is intent on showing that the only reason that anyone should want to buy the device is for the S-Pen as it has 4,096 pressure levels, ideal for artists and those in the creative field. Unique to the Note line are features that you won’t normally find in other laptops, like the included Notes App, the Air Command gestures that are otherwise found only on Note devices. There is also the handy tool called Voice Note, ideal for students who want to record lectures in class. Another neat feature for existing Galaxy Note users is that they can use their phone’s stylus instead of the included one in the convertible as well.

For a laptop that has Windows 10, the full breadth of performance of the latest Intel Core i7 processors and hefty storage and RAM options, the Stylus is just the cherry on top for an ultra-portable laptop that is as flexible as the Notebook 9 Pen. The device’s screen can be folded back completely to be used as a tablet as well. While most people might discount the fact that its design might be uninspired, the device is worth considering for its extra perks.

As far as release and pricing are concerned, the device was first released in South Korea in December of 2017. It will come to American shores in the first quarter of this year. The pricing for the Notebook 9 Pen is still yet to be announced.