Garmin’s new Forerunner 645 smartwatch plays music offline as you go for your run

Garmin’s new smart watch is bringing the music along for the run so that users do not need to carry their phones wherever they go. While the option was available on previous smartwatches, the availability of good tracking features was lacking. Not anymore, for the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music.

The device can store up to 500 songs for playback and be played through Bluetooth earphones. The smartwatch will also be capable tracking runs, swims and bike rides as well. While doing these activities, users will be able to listen to music from the in-built storage or from streaming services like iHeartRadio. The smartwatch not only delivers on the tracking features, but also offers on the style front. It is the first in the Forerunner series to come with a steel bezel, giving it better construction and aesthetic.

Based on a report from ZDNet, the device is capable of 24/7 heart rate monitoring, performance monitoring as well as Garmin Pay. The watch also offers Connect IQ support for custom watch-faces, new widgets, data fields and apps. Garmin is reading its audience carefully with this release, not offering the offline music playback on the get go, and offers two variants – one with the feature and one without. The variant with the music support will retail for $449.99 and the variant with music support will retail for $399.99. Garmin claims that their smartwatch will be capable of lasting right through an entire half-marathon. Garmin Pay, which will work through NFC will also support a growing list of financial institutions for making transactions.

By itself, The Garmin Forerunner by itself can last for up to seven days on a full battery and with active GSP mode and music playback, the device can run for five hours. The display is carefully laid under a chemically strengthened glass for protection against any rough activities. Garmin has also stuck to traditionally using buttons in its design – an advantage, especially when the watch becomes wet. The watch will also be available in black or cerise band options which can be swapped out for other kinds of straps as well.

The Verge argues that the Forerunner 645 remain feature-packed smartwatch, packed with GPS and GLONASS, perfect for different kinds of training programs all integrated into the software. We might just have 2018’s first great smartwatch, offering users with the kind of independent capabilities that one can ask for, aside from telephony and networking.