Samsung Announces New QLED 8K TV At IFA 2018


Over the last year, 4K technology has slowly become the preferred choice for anyone in the market to purchase a new TV.  With compatible 4K content starting to pour in, consumers are finally starting to feel more confident about the purchase. But just as they settle in, Samsung is here to change up the game.  Can you say upgrade?

Today, using IFA as their platform, Samsung announced the launch of their new QLED 8K TV.  The new TV will be available in display sizes of 65, 75, 82, and 85-inches.  With four times the number of pixels as a 4K television, consumers may be wondering how long it will be before content is available for 8K. Luckily for them, Samsung has an answer for that.  The QLED will come equipped with AI processing to upgrade low grade content to 8K. This means that anything the consumer is watching, regardless of quality, will automatically be scaled to 8K.  This is an impressive and essential feature for anyone looking to grab this television prior to compatible content launches.

The 8K TV also features a peak brightness level of 4,000 nits. That is the same standard employed by top Hollywood film studios.  In addition, it will include Direct Full Array Elite for enhanced contrast and precise back-lighting controls.  Users will also have access to SmartThings technology and Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby.  This provides consumers with the ability to transmit commands and control smart home devices through the microphone-equipped Bluetooth remote.

The TV is scheduled  to go on sale this fall but pricing details have yet to be released.  However, based on the smart features and ridiculous picture quality you can expect a pretty hefty price tag.