Clinc Serves Up AI Voice System For Drive-Thru

Clinc is the worldwide leader in conversational AI research and application, best known for their work in the financial sector.  However, it now appears that they have their eyes set on a new vertical.

In a press release, the Ann Arbor based company announced a new AI voice system designed to help quick service restaurants become even more efficient. Clinc’s plan is to implement conversational AI at the drive through level and essentially eliminate the need for humans.

This is fantastic news for owners, who are always looking for ways to reduce their workforce.  Clinc also promises that with these changes will come decreased wait times and increased order accuracy.

The technology is built to understand messy language, accents, improper grammar and natural human speech. The machine will also be equipped to answer consumers’ questions and make on the fly changes to orders.

In a demo video created by Clinc, you can see the system’s ability to take even the most difficult order with ease.

Like any new technology, some questions still remain.  How will customers respond to placing orders with a computer? How will employees react to automation in the workplace? We may not know the answers to these questions yet but one thing is for sure. The future of fast food is on its way.