Rumour: Google to launch new Pixel Chromebook and smaller Google Home

With the release of a new Pixel smartphone, Google is planning on releasing a new addition to the Pixel Chromebook line, which currently boasts just one solid device. The new Chromebook 2 will be a successor to the original Chromebook launched back in 2015.

There were already rumors that Google might be working on a new Chromebook device in 2016, which was codenamed “Bison” and was supposed to have a slim form-factor with a thickness under 10mm. During that period of time, there were also speculations that it would supposedly be running a completely modified version of stock Android called Andromeda, but that product never did seem to surface. That Chromebook would have rivaled the MacBook and iPad Pro, as well as the Surface Pro. Now, if a new Chromebook Pixel does make an appearance, it will have a more capable line up of competitors waiting for it, not only in terms of software, but hardware as well.

As reported by Android Police, who have a reliable source on the matter, although the device has a high probability of materializing, this may or may not be the year-old Bison concept that was previously hoped for a launch last year. The new Pixel Chromebook is speculated to feature a 12.3-inch screen, along with options for either a 32GB or 128GB internal storage unit, coupled with 8GB or 16GB of RAM. A Wacom stylus is also said to come with the new device, Functionality-wise, the Chromebook is expected to have a “convertible” type, being able to rotate a full 360-degrees, like the Yoga range of notebooks. While all of this would have been featured in the “Bison”, it is likely to still be relevant for Google’s new product launching beside the Pixel phone.

While there may or may not be a new Chromebook in the works, there will be a new Google Home that the company will be launching as well, which is said to be a smaller version of the already running Google Home, and should compete with the Amazon Echo Dot. While it will be smaller than the existing Google Home, it may also be cheaper and reduce the number of features that will be carried on the device, much like the Echo Dot. With not two, but four potential products launching under Google’s banner, the company will be having quite a busy quarter.