HP Omen X gaming laptop: Will feature overclockable RAM and CPU, GTX 1080

There are very few PC companies that get gaming laptops right. And HP is one of those companies that is inching closer, bringing in some bells and whistles that are sure to rival the likes of Razer and Alienware’s offerings in the market. The HP Omen X laptop will be sure to give enthusiasts something to get excited about.

The HP Omen X gaming laptop

The Omen X brings desktop-like features such as high-end cooling, over-clocking and also lightworks. The laptop will be the first Omen X branded one, that will show HP’s mettle when it comes to packing the best specifications all into a laptop sized body and the company does not disappoint, with a 17-inch screen, a vapor chamber for cooling and high-powered fans. All of this high-end cooling serves the purpose of overclocking the laptop’s powerful over-clockable Intel Core i7 CPU tucked inside. Enthusiasts will find this beast no different from a regular workstation setup.

The laptop’s display will be either a 4K display or a 1080p display with a 120Hz refresh rate, which are perfect options for those who either want the best productivity display or the best for gaming performance. Both kinds of configurations will also feature NVIDIA’s G-Sync for smooth performance. The laptop was unveiled at Gamescom along with their new glowing desktop cube. Buyers will be able to avail up to the GTX 1080 for GPU power, that will be factory-overclocked out of the box. The laptop can also be connected to external displays. HP have also included overclockable RAM into the device. To make it easier for expandability, HP has also offered a single panel access to the HDDs, SSDs and RAM, that will be enough to satiate enthusiasts.

According to Laptop Mag, to make it easier for overclocking, the Omen Command software comes pre-installed that will help users to safely clock the CPU and RAM. There is also bandwidth priority allocation enabled for users to set, so they can give their games exclusive access to the fastest available network. For making the system flashier, HP have also provided customizable RGB lighting. The company has also included mechanical switches for its keyboard for more tactile feedback. For audio, there is also HP’s Audio Boost technology for the speakers and for those who use headsets, there is the DTS Headphone: X, that provides 7.1 surround sound quality to the ears.

Connectivity includes three regular USB ports, two USB Type-C Thunderbolt ports, as well as HDMI with HDR support. Probably the only no-compromise laptop in the segment that is available in the mainstream market, HP will be making this device available in November with a starting price of $1,999.