Rumor: Samsung to launch Bixby-powered Bluetooth ear-set aside Note 8 launch

While Samsung has only just announced a US language version for its AI assistant Bixby and has also stalled development of its smart speaker that was supposed to have Bixby integration, the company is seemingly meeting half-way somewhat and supposedly creating its own AirPods with Bixby integration of course.

After having to force users to adopt Bixby as their personal assistant by adding a button solely to activate the app, Samsung is now hoping that consumers will be willing enough to buy a pair of smart earbuds with Bixby pre-installed. After Apple using its AirPods to carry Siri around for its users, Samsung have taken a page out of its rival’s book and based on the Korean publication ETNews, which specifically mentioned Apple by saying that the new Bixby earbuds will have a better way of isolating the user’s voice to audio than the AirPods by using the person’s own body. Further details regarding this explanation have not yet been revealed and considering that Samsung have not yet announced anything soon, this could be mere speculation at best, albeit a very probable possibility.

While Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 8 next month during its special Unpacked event, it could be possible that the Bixby-powered earbuds be launched aside the Note 8, which itself is supposed to go on sale in September. Samsung believes that users are now on the verge of moving forward from using touchscreen interfaces to voice-controlled ones. This is ironic for Samsung to support, as the company did not seem enthused enough to launch its own smart speaker. So, the reason for why it should launch a smart ear-set instead, which is an even smaller market than the smart-speaker market seems too unrealistic.

The earbuds will come with a special iteration of noise-blocking technology. As the news regarding the shelved smart-speaker technology from Samsung had appeared months before the company finally decided to cease development, the news surrounding these smart earbuds however, is coming all too soon for an imminent release to be expected as early as the Note 8. There is also a possibility that the company’s plans for the smart ear-set may also be shelved soon, even if it does turn out to be a reality, Bixby itself is still in the early stages of use by consumers to be able to have a stand-alone functionality all from an ear-set.