Razer updates the Blade Stealth, offers 16GB RAM and 13.3” 4K display

The Razer Blade Stealth is currently one of the sleekest power-houses that money can buy. What let the Stealth down, however, was that it lacked a bigger display that could have fit inside its chassis. With the new update, Razer is trying to make the notebook a little more perfect.

The new notebook will feature a bigger, 13.3-inch display this time around with a resolution of 3200×1800. There is also the classic 12-inch panel on offer as well, with 4K resolution. The display will also be a touchscreen and it will all fit inside the same body, but with just a little added weight. Every other dimension of the device retains its old glory. Added to that, the laptop will still provide users with a claimed nine hours of battery life. There are also few other subtler changes for new buyers.

The Verge reported that the smallest laptop by Razer will now be made to look a little more professional. Razer is ditching the rainbow backlight keys for white keys alone, which really should have been left alone, because that is what made Razer a marketable product. With just white keys now, users will not be able to customize their keyboards for applications and even whatever games that the Blade can churn out, which are quite many. Considering that the rainbow keys do allow for white coloring as well, it seems that Razer thought it better to keep the Blade Stealth less conspicuous. That mind-set has been moved on to the rear of the display panel that usually houses the bright green logo of the company. The logo is now just accented black without any color fill, making it look stealthier and less glaring. Perhaps the motive behind the look was to allow for the laptop to be carried into meetings and board rooms as well. Luckily, that option is only for those who purchase the gunmetal grey variant. Other variants will luckily still carry the RGB lighting and the bright green logo.

The panels on the new Blade Stealth will offer 100% sRGB output and about 400 nits of brightness. Other specifications will be top-of-the-line, like the inclusion of the Intel Core i7-7500U SoC, 16GB of RAM as standard and up to 1TB of PCIe SSD storage. The body is also impressive, coming in a CNC aluminium body that makes the laptop stiff to the touch. While earlier models did have a problem with the trackpad, Razer has instead used the Windows Precision Trackpad, which is a better option. The new Razer Blade Stealth will be available at the price of $1399 and is currently available at the company’s website.