Logitech Circle 2 is a shape-shifting home security camera that works outdoors as well

Nest has some serious competition in the home security segment as there are numerous brands, old new, vying to get a chunk of home security solutions pie. Logitech already announced a capable home security camera in 2015 called the Circle, and this time, the company has refreshed their offering to make it more appealing for buyers.

The Circle 2 camera has been re-purposed to work outdoors as well, featuring special mechanisms for battery and cabling to prevent the camera from the elements. The company will be providing a wired and wireless version of the camera, and the wireless version seems to be the most practical. It will feature rechargeable batteries that can removed from the camera. The batteries within the camera last for three months at a time, so there won’t be any frequent issues of running out of charge. There are accessories for the camera available that help to mount it to a window.

While there are four different ways to use the camera and install it, for each of the different modes, there separate modules to be attached; so, users need to make sure they are getting the right accessories for where they want to place their cameras. The camera module itself is quite small and portable, consisting of just a disk with a 180-degree camera on one side and a smart connector for accessories on the other side. Logitech is using this disk size that can be attached to a multitude of docks for plugging in or sticking onto different surfaces. It can even be connected to a wall-plug. Flexibility of use is the key USP of the Circle 2.

The Circle 2 will offer Full HD picture at 1080p streaming. It also has night-vision, two-way talk and listen as well as 24 hours of free and secure cloud storage. It even has a built-in HomeKit chip, which will make it compatible with Apple. There will be future updates available for the device that will allow for it to connect to Amazon Alexa as well. There are also paid subscriptions available for buyers who want to maximise the functionality of the camera, which offer premium services such as person detection. The service costs $100 per year, which means that buyers will have to think long and hard if it will be worth it. The wired version of the Circle 2 will sell for $180 and the wireless one will cost $200. It will be made available in July.