Pirates of the Caribbeans: Tides of War sets sail on iOS and Android

Pirates of the Caribbean has been a global phenomenon for years now, first having been an amusement park ride, then expanding towards a film series and now there is brand new mobile strategy-based game being developed that will add to the franchise as well.

According to VentureBeat, Joycity, the developers behind the game have opened access for early registrants to access the game. Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War will consist of all the fan favourite characters from the movie, including Jack Sparrow of course, Barbossa as well as Will Turner. The developers are confident that the game will also bring in as much profitable interest as the other properties in the franchise have enjoyed so far. With the mobile market currently valued at $36 billion, it is quite possible that the game can contribute its fair share to the market.

The mobile game will be accompanying the movie releasing on May 26 this year. The pre-registrations will be available for iOS and Android and those interested can officially sign up from their respective devices. The game will be an MMO strategy and will feature characters, ships, storylines to follow that are all part of the Pirates of the Caribbean world.

The official press release of the announcement of the game indicates that the player will set sail in the world of the game as a pirate and take on tasks such as construction of ships as well as train troops. Somewhere in between is where micro-transactions will come in where users will have to pay to access certain events or re-tries that has long been a part of mobile games, that has popularly been known as Time Gating.

It’s quite surprising that being such a franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean has not yet had any significance on the mobile gaming platform yet. There are already five films in the franchise, but nevertheless, better late than never. It might also be a good way for the franchise to continue minting money even if the movies face a hiatus. It will also continue peaking interest form fans all over the world who have spent their money buying tickets to watch the movies in the first place.

Joycity is fairly experienced in mobile game development, having worked on games such as FreeStlye: Street Basketball, Game of Dice as well as Oceans and Empires, which has a similar pirate-related theme itself. The success depends on the execution and use of the micro-transactions. Hopefully, it will be playable to a host of players for free as well.