Android Wear 2.0 is finally rolling out, but just for three more smartwatches for now

After LG being the first recipient of the Android Wear 2.0 OS update, the roll out for a few more smartphone makers have also been in the works, specifically Fossil, Casio and Tag Heuer.

This means that now a host of smart watches will now receive the update to avail some neat features such as Android Pay support, Google Assistant as well as a smart-watch capable Play Store, apart from the other under-the-hood improvements.

According to a report by XDA-Developers, there has been quite a delay in rolling out the Android Wear update to existing smartwatches. Android Wear 2.0 was launched nearly two months ago, and up until now, no other smartwatch apart from the LG Style and Sport have the OS on-board. Fortunately, now most supported smartwatches are receiving the update, meaning that smartwatches are going to become a craze all over again.

Google had outed an extensive list of smartwatches that will receive the Android Wear 2.0 update, but the company did not mention the timeframe in which the update will be distributed to these smartwatches. With Android O being released soon enough, even Nougat updates are still scarce for most Android smartphones out there, adding to the notorious reputation that Android is known to have for its prolonged delays.

Forbes cites that there was a bug that prevented Google from releasing the update to other phones periodically. During the testing stages, the bug came in the way and made it difficult to release the OS. This made the update only be released to three other smartwatch makers apart from LG for now, namely Tag Heuer, Fossil and Casio.

Being the biggest smartwatch update since Android Wear in 2014, Wear 2.0 offers a world of better enhancements like fitness and sports tracking apart from various other improvements aiding in usability and function. Android Wear 2.0 is expected to land on the following new smartwatches such as the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45, along with Huawei’s two new smartwatches that will release in the next month as well as a new Casio smartwatch.

Right now, is probably the best time to be buying a smartwatch as they will all meet the necessary requirements as per Android Wear 2.0 and will feature some advanced tech compared to last year’s offerings. Let’s hope that there are no bugs to be squashed before of the existing smartwatches get to enjoy the new update of Android Wear.