Now, share any type of file on WhatsApp

In a world where WhatsApp is now the biggest instant messaging app, with a consumer base encapsulating almost the whole world, its file sharing feature is tremendously restrictive. The users had to use several third party apps to share certain files from one user to another.  Keeping this in mind, WhatsApp is now amending this feature and is currently testing support for all types of files.

Previously, WhatsApp allowed for only multimedia file sharing like pictures, videos, audio, and documents. This instant messaging service will now allow its users to share all kind of files, which means they can now share APK, ZIP, and a bunch of other files with other extensions. Now its users can beam across pictures without them being compressed and its original size intact.

However, WhatsApp plans to put a cap on the size of the files its users can share, which is 128MB for iOS and 100MB for Android users. Presumably, the ceiling is low in order to prevent WhatsApp’s servers from flooding with data.  As of now, this particular upgrade is being rolled out only to a few beta users. Hopefully, this feature will be made available to all its users, soon.  However, the company remains tight-lipped regarding this upgrade. The new upgrade will be available across all operating systems which include Android, iOS, and Windows.

Although, WhatsApp may have established itself as the best instant messaging service across the globe, its file sharing service is antagonizing. Due to the restrictive nature of it file sharing feature, it has lost a significant number of customers to other messaging apps. Its shortcomings have forced its user base to migrate to other more flexible services like Telegram. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that they are pandering to their losing customers. The news for the upgrade comes as little surprise, it was bound to happen sooner or later.