Asus ZenFone Pegasus 4A specs and pricing leaks

Asus is all set to launch its new phone ZenFone Pegasus 4A, the predecessor to the previously known ZenFone 3.  It is speculated that the Taiwanese tech giant may unveil the smartphone by the end of July. Amid the heavy speculation, a press release of ZenFone 4A is circulating online. The press release has the images, specifications and the price range of this new phone.

The new Pegasus is powered by Android Nougat 7.0, has 3GB RAM and a MediaTek MT6737V chipset.  It has a 5.5-inch display with a 720p resolution and comes with an internal memory of  32GB. A dual camera phone, it has a 13MP/8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, alongside a 4100mh battery life. The smartphone has the looks of an iPhone and is modestly priced at $216.

Keeping the specifications and the price tag in mind the phone isn’t a great deal. It may not be able to generate the kind of movement in the market it desires. The reason being simple, the consumer can buy a phone with superior specifications at the same price. Its MediaTek chipset prevents it from being launched in the US. The phone’s market is restricted to Europe and Asia for now.

The ZenFone 4-series is an average phone with decent looks, it may or may not garner the attention of the consumer. In a market flooded with phones, it might fail to establish itself. It’s only saving grace is its dual camera and the software that powers it, which is also the reason for its price.

Nonetheless, the phone is decent and seems promising, Asus plans to cut its losses with the launch of this handset. However, even by the Chinese standards, this smartphone may be a little heavy on the consumers pocket. In terms of price and specification the Asus ZenFone Pegasus 4A has very little to deliver.