Nokia 9 news: Bigger screen, no headphone jack and new dual-camera setup

Nokia has had a stellar comeback year in 2017 and while its phones have certainly not been yearning for the spotlight like so many other handsets so far, they have been quietly great performers and reliable pieces of hardware from any and all segments that Nokia is catering towards. The Nokia 9 releasing in early 2018 could be the next turning point for HMD as it begins to take on its contemporaries and bring in features in aesthetics and function that stand out from the crowd.

Up until now, the rumours have not yet suggested anything concrete that can be used as evidence to justify the existence of a Nokia 9 that will make its way to our palms next year, but there is quite a bit of speculation of what the inevitable upgrade from the Nokia 8 could be. The only consistent news we know of the Nokia 9 so far, is that there is a larger screened, bezel-less device out there that Nokia wants to launch after the Nokia 8, but whether it is indeed the Nokia 9 or not, is still questionable.

There are multiple renders of the phone’s design which show that the Nokia 9 will be a bezel-less device as the supposedly leaked panel designs, sometimes inconsistent with each other, point out to a possible design direction for the handset. We might also not see capacitive key this time around as well, like what we saw on the Nokia 8, so for now, that is the only near-certainty in terms of design that we can gather for the smartphone. The Nokia 8 is also so far the most powerful smartphone by Nokia till date and considering the Nokia 9 will up the ante, we can expect the 845 in tow. Geekbench was witness to a Nokia device with an 8GB RAM configuration not too long ago, so we might expect a future Nokia smartphone with OnePlus and Razer-like configurations soon. In terms of display, a 5.5-inch or a 5.7-inch display only seems apt as the Nokia 8’s 5.3-inch display left something to be desired by fans and reviewers alike.

Reports have also hinted that the Nokia 9’s camera could feature a dual lens camera on the back featuring a telephoto lens as well as a wide-angle lens. To support this claim, the website pointed the updated camera app from Nokia, which added support for telephoto and wide-angle viewing. While we may see a rebooted Nokia 8 coming up for a 2018 edition, all of these supposedly new leaked pieces of information, may well be related to that handset instead. Since the Nokia 8 was the flagship of the company, it would be difficult to again introduce another phone to top, considering the difference in specifications would have to be quite substantial vis-à-vis the Note 8 for the Galaxy S8 and the V30 for the G6 etc.

Nokia 9 may offer the same kind of materials that we are used to seeing in flagship-grade handsets, with combinations of metal and glass. The website also speculated that Nokia would drop the headphone jack and would attach a price tag of around $800 to the phone. While this does seem unlike Nokia, it is a possible direction that HMD might take, considering a lot of manufacturers are taking the completely wireless route.