Huawei P11 rumours: Will feature three cameras, release to be on MWC date

Huawei’s P11 smartphone had originally been speculated for a launch sometime in the in 2018 and now, the company has made it official that the smartphone will be launched in the first quarter of next year. The phone has been receiving quite a bit of attention of late as there are quite a few rumours surrounding the unique camera setup that the phone is said to come with.

One of the biggest speculations is that the phone will come with a triple camera setup. Other rumours speculate that we might see a notch-based design, as seen in the iPhone X and the Essential Phone. The P10 was announced just this February and made its way to stores the month after, so it is not surprising if the P11 also follows the same route, only this time, it will have to content with the Samsung Galaxy S9, since it is also due for a release around MWC as well.

Considering that Huawei was one of the first companies to showcase dual cameras on a smart phone, the possibility of the company showing off a triple lens camera does not seem too far fetched. We may also see a 40MP camera on the back of the smartphone that will be able to take images without any loss in quality. In terms of performance, the freshly baked Kirin 970 seems like it could make an appearance with an emphasis on AI and machine learning, all inside a dedicated neural core within the chipset, similar to the A11 Bionic. This chipset could thus aid the camera in better colour reproduction and performance, much like how the Pixel 2 uses machine learning for better portrait mode shots.

Android Authority report that we will be seeing two variants of the P11. The standard P11 and a larger P11+. While the P10 did sport Leica supported lenses, we can expect the same for the successors as well. Considering the landscape has changed since February of this year, we could possibly see a near-bezel-less designed screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio. The P10 was not water-resistant, but the P11 could improve on that, though it does seem unlikely for Huawei to do so. It might involve the dropping of the headphone jack, for instance. Since Huawei have been very vocal about getting their phones to be made available globally, we might finally just get to see the first official release of the series in the US, compared to the European markets, which enjoy Huawei’s products.