New Android 12 leaks and possible release date.

Much anticipated news for Android smartphone users, the official Android 12 developers beta has been released which gives us an early look into new features.

The developers beta is a very early build which is used by app developers to start planning their updates for their own software, so while this version is not representative of a final consumer level release it still offers a solid peak into what’s coming.

What’s new?

Some official updates have been mentioned by Google themselves:
– More efficient video and image compression to save your data
– Easier copy and pasting
– Improved audio features
– Better support for tablets, foldable phones and TVs
– Changes to gesture navigation
– Redesigned notification menu and blocks to repeated notifications
– Easier to use other app stores without compromising safety

What’s rumored?

Other possible updates “leaked” by developers examining the developers beta release include:
– Ability to “hibernate” apps to use less power while not in use
– Bringing back the “double tap on back” shortcut
– App Pairs, open 2 frequently used apps together, possibly with split screen
– Possibly Wi-Fi sharing mode to replace the current QR code system
– New universal coloring/styling system to customize native and 3rd party apps

When will it be released?

The consumer version of Android 12 is expected to start rolling out towards the end of this year, probably around September 2021, although whether it will be available to you will depend upon your specific device and manufacturer.