Latest Intel i9-11900K Benchmark 11% Faster Storage Than AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Rumored to be launching as early as next month (March 2021), Intel’s latest flagship Core i9-11900K CPU has enthusiasts excited with it’s expected performance figures.

Thanks to a post on Twitter courtesy of Intel’s Chief Performance Strategist Ryan Shrout there is now the first official benchmark showing a glimpse of the new chip’s performance compared to it’s primary rival the AMD 16-core Zen 3-based Ryzen 9 5950X.

While this is only an example of one particular benchmark, PCIe Gen 4 storage performance, and not all-around overall performance, it still provides an important win for Intel in the high-end CPU market where rival AMD has pulled ahead in recent years particularly for high-end gaming streamers that run multiple apps simultaneously as well as video content creators where the AMD’s additional cores provide it an edge in power over similarly priced Intel chips.

Previously Intel long held the crown in the high end CPU market while AMD was more of a budget oriented option. That all changed in recent years with AMD flexing their multi-core muscle with chips that rival or exceed their similarly priced Intel competition at the flagship level of CPU’s.

Stay tuned for further updates and benchmarks as the Core i9-11900K gets fully benchmarked and the battle heats up between Intel and AMD.