Logitech’s Universal Folio finally makes the perfect keyboard accessory for tablets

Logitech has now made it possible to turn any tablet into a laptop, at least kind of. The Universal Folio is a laptop designed clamshell that can contain a tablet of either 9-inches or 10-inches.

The Folio consists of a dock-like face that allows the user to place their tablets securely. It is connected to a keyboard and has a loop on the side for a stylus of the user’s choosing, if they have one. Essentially, the device is mostly a keyboard that can attach to a tablet. Logitech promises that its new Universal Folio will not topple over, and provide a true Android laptop experience.

While the entire device is akin to a detachable keyboard, this particular solution turns the whole set-up into a workable and portable device altogether that is both sturdy and looks great as well There is no extra battery back-up or ports on offer here, because it is not an extension of the tablet; but a mere tool that helps effectively use the tablet for productivity. The design and the ergonomics are good enough to be used on the lap. It feature’s Logitech’s new 4-point grip technology that fastens the tablet firmly into the accessory.

The only tech-oriented part of the dock is the keyboard that is Bluetooth enabled and can quickly be connected to the tablet without much fuss. The company claims that the keyboard will offer up to 50 days of battery life on the dock when connected to the tablet. The battery is a special coin-cell battery, which does sprout a bit of concern owing to proprietary nature of the battery. It would have been great for Logitech to add a lithium ion instead to make things simple and rechargeable.

The Folio is compatible with Apple’s iPads, Android tablets as well as Windows tablets. The Folio is also a reasonable solution compared to the competition out there, costing only $78. That means a laptop-like interface with a capable keyboard and dock for the tablet. It is available now for purchase for anyone who has found it hard to type on their tabs before. All in all, Logitech has a great accessory that will find a place in may tablet owners who are tired of trying third-party components that are too expensive and clunky to use.