Acer’s new Predator Triton 700 gaming laptop: 5 reasons you need to own it

The Acer 21X was a pretty over-the-top laptop that offered an over-kill of amenities for a price that was not exactly reasonable. And although it was designed for a specifically niche market, the laptop was created to show exactly how much could be crammed into a “portable” device. This time around, Acer has made a more realistic version of an extremely powerful laptop, called the Acer Predator Triton 700. Here are five of the laptop’s biggest highlights.

1) It’s thin, for gaming laptop
Being a full-fledged gaming laptop, the Predator 700 weighs just about 2.6Kg and is comparable to the Razer’s Blade. The laptop itself is about 18mm thick. Considering that the laptop packs all its weight internally, the device has a keyboard that extends from the bottom-half of the base to accommodate for the all the great internals that that lie underneath.

2) The touch pad is… unusual
The Razer Blade Pro had a great way to use the mouse pad – by placing it on the side of the keyboard that made it pretty easy to reach and conventional too. The Predator 700 on the other hand, has a strange area over the keyboard that serves as the touch pad. It is a semi-transparent plate that will allow the user to look at the internals which is a good idea, and the placement itself encourages players to use an external mouse, which most players already resort to. So, although it is unconventional, not many people have really appreciated touch pads enough anyway, unless they like MacBooks.

3) The keyboard is great
The keyboard on this laptop is completely mechanical but has a chicklet kind of feel to it. Acer has fitted a complete keyboard layout that is well spaced-out and given the position of the keyboard towards the bottom and considering the low-thickness factor, typing on the keyboard will be quite comfortable as the hands can rest on the surface of the table itself.

4) It’s got amazing guts
According to Acer, the laptop can score a whopping 17,000 on 3DMark and is claimed to be 40 percent more powerful than the Razer Blade. There are two NVMePCIe SSD slots with RAID 0 configurations, coupled with 32GB of RAM clocked at a super-fast 2400MHz. It will have the latest Core i7 processor. The display is a modest 1080p IPS screen that is 15.6-inches big. The laptop also features a Thunderbolt 3 port, two USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0 port along with a DisplayPort connector as well as an ethernet port. Now, being a gaming laptop, the GPU is the most important module to be considered. Although the company has not verified what GPU will be pushing those pixels, it can be safely assumed that we can easily expect one of the high-end NVIDIA 10-series GPUs, hopefully the GTX 1080. Its cooling system is also one of the most unique we have heard of, with arrow blade fans on the rear and a copper plate for cooling the SSDs, things will remain quite cool on the inside, ensuring maximum performance without the worry of over-heating.

5) It isn’t cheap
The Predator Triton 700 is the best gaming laptop for its size, no doubt. But all that greatness will come at a starting cost of $3000 and will launch in August.