Learn surfing without water, thanks to LandSurf

Learning to surf is no easy task, especially when learners are nowhere near water to try out the waves. Enter LandSurf by BioBoards – a skateboard that accurately simulates surfing on a wave, but instead, can be ridden on a pavement.

The skateboard consists of three wheels and is designed in a way so that it mimics the motions of a surfboards on water. Researchers spent an excessive amount of time studying the movement of a body on a wave and through placing sensors, were able to see how what causes the body to move like a wave, but on land instead, according to Digital Trends. Through the positioning of the wheels, this acts as a pivot for users to practice surfing.

And while a surfboard does not need to be pushed but is instead carried by the waves, the LandSurf also does not need pushing. Instead, it uses a pump to push the rider in front. The rear two wheels act like the surfboard fins and allow for an endless turning capacity. There are three different types of boards to choose for different kinds of maneuvering such as carving, cutbacks, pumping as well as snaps. The boards are also made from sustainable materials such as Portuguese cork and pine. Each of these boards is special, since each one is handmade.

There are various lengths of the board available, much like a regular skate-board – The Draco, which is the shortest, the Fish Board, which prefers quick and swift movements and the Besil board which is known as being the fun board that uses a balance of speed and maneuverability. There is also a board for speed, known as the Gun Board or the Kamai, which can reach the fastest speeds compared to the rest in the line. The boards are backed by the endorsement of professional surfer Sebastian Steudtner as well, making it officially certified for use.

The entire project is available on Indiegogo for purview and sale of the boards, which start at $150 for the Draco. The Besil will sell for $160 and the Kamai is $170. Considering that the board was designed by PhDs in Sports Science and Biomechanics with the partnership of professional surfers, it goes without saying that the boards will be the perfect substitute for the surf-board. It may well make people distracted from hoverboards for a while as well.