Google-incubated start-up Dandelion wants to warm your home through geothermal power

Google is taking its effort towards a greener earth a lot more seriously. The company previously had a sub-division from its main enterprise that focused on future-ready and “moon-shot” ideas and activities known as Google X. Now, from this company, has risen Alphabet’s newest stand-alone company called “Dandelion” and the company is looking to make heating homes more affordable.

Dandelion’s aim is to make heating and cooling systems that are more accessible and affordable than traditional means. The chief of the company, Kathy Hannun explained that if a geothermal pump was installed and fitted inside homes, the whole process and functioning would be affordable and simpler, while making it better for the climate as well. The pump will be connected to pipes that are fitted through the ground. Through these pipes, the pump will take the hot air from the house and pump it into the earth, while during the colder seasons, it will simply take the stored heat from the earth and transfer it to the house.

CNN’s report explains that the cost of installing the system will be anywhere between $20,000 and $25,000 when compared to other systems which are priced as high as $60,000. Geothermal systems are good for the earth because they reduce the carbon emissions considerably. Dandelion is beginning to offer its systems first in the north-eastern part of the US.

The company was in the incubating stages with Google, and after having raised $2 million, it became a separate company by Google. The vision for the application of using geothermal methods started off with a lot of trial and error, until the company decided to use the pump and pipe model. The company is now setting up partnerships with local heating and cooling companies in and around New York as well as acquiring new customers in the process.

The cost of heating and cooling prices will be reduced to half the cost. All this is possible through Alphabet’s X lab, which has been behind the scenes and making it possible for projects such as these to take flight. One of the other more famous projects that X labs helped make a reality was Waymo, which was earlier the self-driving car project that was being worked on by Google. Another project was the Project Loon, which aimed at providing internet access to the most remote areas of the world.