CorelDraw Graphic Suite 2017: You don’t need a stylus to sketch vectors anymore

In the world of graphic designing, creating new ways of original art is made quite tediously, considering there are no perfect methods of making those lines perfectly curved, or even allow for the designer to have a realistic approach to digitally sketching something. All this will change, thanks to CorelDraw’s latest offering in the form of their Graphics Suite 2017, which will feature LiveSketch.

According to Digital Trends, LiveSketch essentially allows for users to use their touch screens and touch pads as a piece of paper in a more natural way, with the AI taking control of how the touch translates into graphics on the screen – all including the pressure, the tilt, the rotation and everything else that normally occurs when one would generally draw on a piece of paper.

LiveSketch has been called the industry’s first ever intelligence-based vector drawing experience and is part of CorelDraw’s new rebranding approach that will bid farewell to the X8 line of software that was last released. The new Suite package will feature some unique software such as Photo-Paint (which is supposed to be a Photoshop-like experience), PowerTrace, Website Creator, Corel Connect, Corel Capture as well as Font Manager. The Suite package also takes advantage of Windows 10, meaning that the apps can be used in tablet mode as well as touch-mode whenever the need arises, being able to use the Microsoft Surface Dial as well.

Now why LiveSketch is such a big deal in the graphic design spectrum, is because usually, designers have to use a touch-based Wacom tablet or a stylus for perfectly making shapes on their screen. It was not possible using just a touch screen with a finger. Thanks to this new AI, users will be able to draw even on their trackpads with their fingers. There is a lot guess-work that takes place since CorelDraw has to find out the intent of the user when they draw upon the surface, hence there are neural networks in place to understand and give a broader sense of direction for the software to guide the input that is being given.

Much like any other software, when the vector is hand-drawn, it can be manipulated using different anchor points. Of course, everything is recorded and saved in the file that the user is working on, should there be any changes needed from the original stroke first made by the user while they were drawing on the screen. This makes CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2017 one of the only present software to come with the feature. Of course, something similar is also available in Adobe’s Suite of products in the form of ‘Smart Objects’.

The Graphic Suite 2017 is also compatible for hi-res 5K screens as well as multi-monitor setups. Users will be able to configure the appearance of the work-space as well, even making the software look like Photoshop’s. CorelDraw has also added a Store to its software, filled with free and paid tools. The entire Graphic suite will come in a range of options for buying, with a full license costing around $499, while those who want to upgrade will only need to pay $199 more. There is also a subscription model available at $30 a month and $199 a year. While it is possible to download the entire package now, CorelDraw will also make it possible for a boxed version to make its way to shelves around May 8.