Chuwi’s SurBook is a Surface Pro 4 clone, with better memory and USB Type-C at half the cost

While the Surface Pro and similar ultra-portable PCs are currently leading the laptop segment thanks to their portability and powerful performance, the pricing of these convertibles may be too un-reasonable to some. Chuwi’s option costs much less and does not compromise on the specs as well, offering a decently spec’d system all within $300.

Liliputing reports that the design is uncharacteristically similar to the Surface Pro’s and comes with a 12.3-inch screen. But that is not where the similarities end. Like the Surface Pro, the SurBook also comes with a 2k display along with a built-in kickstand. Users will get to connect an optional keyboard should they like. Unlike the Surface Pro that costs $800, the SurBook costs $500 less.

In order to cut costs, the SurBook does not come with the latest Kaby Lake Intel chipsets, but instead, features Intel’s budget CPUs – the Celeron N3450 Apollo Lake processor, which are known to deliver quite decent performance, on par with, say, a 6th generation Core i3 processor. That is the most notable difference between it and Surface Pro, that will be shown in real-world usage.

The SurBook comes with its own pressure sensitive pen, with 1,024 levels of pressure. It offers users more in terms of ports as there is an extra USB Type-C port apart from two USB 3.0 ports. Charging the battery will be possible through that USB Type-C port, which wil power the device’s 10,000mAh battery. The Surface Pro only offered USB 3.0 ports, with Microsoft showing its disdain for USB Type-C. And unlike the Surface Pro, the cost of the keyboard and stylus are included in the price-tag.

For those who want to buy only the tablet, they will have to shell out only $299. The 64GB model with the keyboard and stylus comes in at $349 and for $399, buyers will get the 128GB model. And these prices are only the early bird offers, with 200 slots offered for each model. When the models arrive on retail they will be priced a little higher, but no higher than half the price of the Surface Book, which is still a great deal.

The tablet is currently seeking funds through its crowd-sourcing campaign on Indiegogo. The device also has 6GB of RAM as opposed to the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which has only 4GB. Overall, this Chinese offering could well out do Microsoft in sales, considering it offers a product that is better priced and better-suited to the masses.