Belkin releases new iPhone-only Boost Up wireless charging pad for $60

One of the biggest announcements made at the iPhone X launch was the introduction of wireless charging. With the announcement came a slew of partners that were mentioned with their various offerings in wireless charging. Among them, Belkin was one of the most prominent names mentioned and now the company has officially made its newest wireless charger available.

The charging pad is compatible with the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Called the “Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad”, the device will take advantage of Qi tech under the hood and will be able to charge up to 7.5W for compatible devices. Belkin knows that this product will work in the market as the company did conduct an extensive survey on consumer behavior and purchasing preferences. It will be made available starting September 15 at a price of $60, which will be considered expensive and will be made available from

While Apple’s own charging pad will not be available until 2018, Belkin’s offering will be able to meet the demand until then. Interestingly, only one device can be charged at a time on the charging pad, but through Qi standard, and inductive as well as resonant wireless charging, the charging pad will allow for devices to still be powered up even if they are as far as 1.75 inches away from the charging pad. This will enable multiple devices to be loosely kept around the charger for charging. Belkin will be facing competition from Mophie, who is also creating a similar charging pad for the new iPhone devices. Belkin’s new charger will be able to charge devices with a case that is up to 3mm in thickness as well.

The Belkin wireless charger will be one of the only iPhone-specific chargers to be released, which seems like a missed opportunity for the company as it could have been made to be compatible with other handsets that are compatible with wireless charging as well such as the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the S8 phones among others. While charged, the iPhones will still retain their ability to make calls and receive notifications and can also be used just as usual while charging. For the those who are still not confident to try out the third party tool, the company is also offering equipment warranty up to $2500 along with bonus warranty as well.