Apple’s new Folio case for the iPhone case is $100 and works like the iPad Smart Cover

Apple’s best phone till date, the iPhone X, has only just been released, but the press has still not gotten enough of Apple’s next big device just yet. While third party manufacturers are already making wireless charging pads for the new generation of iPhones only, there are numerous other accessories now being released that will make it in time for the device to hit store-shelves. Apple’s own Folio case has just been announced, making it one of the first official accessories to be stocked in stores.

The Folio case makes sure that users will not have to worry about worrying the glass front and back of the phone, which can be prone to fingerprints and cracking. The Folio also has a flap that will cover the screen and also consists of slots for users to carry some money or their credit cards as well. The Folio cover is not anything new in the realm of design, but features premium materials that will adorn the iPhone X and add a little girth to the handset.

Based on 9 to 5 Mac’s report of the new Folio case, the iPhone X will be programmed to understand when the screen is covered or not, which is similar to how the Smart Cover used to function on the earlier iPads. Opening the flap will wake the phone, while closing it will switch off the screen. Apple itself has not mentioned much else of the Folio, apart from what it is made of. Based on the company’s explanation, the case is made of specially tanned and finished European leather for luxurious look and feel. The case will also allow for the phone to charge wirelessly, meaning the case will be at least 3mm thick.

The case will supposedly come in four colors – Cosmos Blue, Taupe, Black, and Berry. The case will go up for pre-order on October 27 and will be eventually released on November 3. When it goes on sale, it will most likely be one of the most expensive cases on the market for any phone, demanding a price tag of $99. One particularly interesting feature noticed on the Folio is that the flap does not come with a slit on the top for the ear-piece to pass through its audio when the user is on-call. This means, users may have to bend the flap all the way back to properly make calls on the iPhone X. If buyers can afford the iPhone X, they can afford the Folio as well.