Andy Rubin’s Essential phone to finally arrive sometime in August

Andy Rubin’s Essential phone had received quite a bit of hype when it was initially announced and then that same hype quickly died down after the company and he kept silent about the eventual dates of availability. Finally, after a long wait, there is some confirmation as to when the phone can be seen its buyer’s hands.

An email had been sent to the customers that had registered early for the smartphone that cited that the phone would be shipping “in a few weeks”. The company’s official Twitter account also later tweeted about the news. It as earlier expected to have arrived back in June but it seems that Rubin may have been over-confident in his prediction.

In the following weeks of that announcement, the company went through a rough patch where it had lost its marketing and communications heads as well. The company did not comment about the events unfolded but customers were still waiting for an answer as to when they will get their Essential phone.

As far as the current status of the phone’s availability is concerned, it is going through testing phases with US and international carriers and that Rubin’s team is working long hours to make sure that the device is being shipped. The phone, however, will be unlocked when sold through the website and will also be sold exclusively through carriers as well. Perhaps the delay is lying in the various carrier partners that the company is hoping to tie up with internationally to make sure their SIMs work with the Essential phone.

The mass-forwarded email was supposedly penned personally by Andy Rubin who, in the context of the email, thanked the early adopters for being the first to put their names down for the Essential phone and that the phone will be ready in a few weeks.

According to reports, the May release of the phone and the delay in the acquiring of and selling of the Essential phone through the months will result in an eventual release come August or perhaps even later as the email’s tone was not confident enough to divulge an exact date of arrival of the phone.The company is also planning on releasing a smart hub for homes called Home and will be powered by its own OS called Ambient OS. Hopefully, the company may actually get to release that device on the prescribed date.