The Adobe Scan app is here to replace your office scanner for good

Among the many apps that help users to scan documents, very few are actually available that can provide the service so accurately and produce a good quality image at the end of the scanning process. Google’s photo scanning app is one such good app that allows for users to scan photographs and digitize them. As for documents, while there have not been any noteworthy applications, Adobe has stepped in to create a new free app for scanning of documents.

The Adobe Scan, as it is called, is completely free for users to sign up for an Adobe Document Cloud account. Signing up is free, but in order to edit documents or to allow for signing, users will need to pay a subscription fee per month of $5.83. Back to the main function of the app itself, Adobe Scan can accurately read through a document and scan it as is, word for word, using optical character recognition. The app recognizes text, allowing users to tweak their documents on a system before it can be finalized, which serves the convenience of the user during a crunch.

Adobe wanted to re-imagine how documents are scanned and accessed and with Adobe Scan, the company’s prowess of handling PDF files and documents is put to good use. The app will allow for users to recognize not only text but images as well and convert them into workable PDFs. Using Adobe Sensei’s intelligent services, the scanning app can detect boundaries, auto-crop and capture, provide perspective correction and auto-clean along with removing shadows and making the text clearer. The app is currently being made available for iOS and Android which comes with free text recognition included. Users will also be able to freely store, upload, share and access the scanned files.

The app has had a significant amount of development contributed by Adobe’s India division regarding the core engineering technology. With further improvements and updates, the app might just be able to completely replace the traditional bulky scanner that occupies office desks. Not just yet, but soon enough. There are also other scanning apps in the meantime, which users can take advantage of, as a point of reference, such as Office Lens and Google Drive’s in-built scanning for Android devices.