LG G7 could pack Snapdragon 845 chipset with AR and VR on-board

It was only earlier this year that LG’s newest G6 flagship phone was released. It was a perfect phone with great innovative functions and introduced the world to round-cornered screens and near-bezel-less displays. But, the phone fell short on CPU power which is expected of a smartphone of flagship standard and also looked like a prototype of the more complete-looking Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, LG is wasting no time to outdo itself and the competition with its next flagship, the G7.

According to reports, the LG G7 has started development already by the company and will be altering its strategy next time around when it comes to the CPU. This year, LG was forced to use the older Snapdragon 821 processor, since all the stocks were hogged by Samsung. Next year, LG is planning to be the first in the industry to carry the Snapdragon 845 chipset, which is set to be the flagship Qualcomm chipset next year. The details of the new Snapdragon leaked online and provided a number of new features that will be part of the new CPU.

While LG did miss out on the Snapdragon 835 this time around for its G6, it will be using the Snapdragon 835 on its upcoming successor to the V20 – the V30. Considering that the VR and AR are going to play a big part in the use of smartphones in the coming years, LG hopes to be the first to harness that potential with the AR and VR capabilities that the Snapdragon 845 will have to offer. The upcoming Snapdragon 845 is said to be based on Qualcomm’s new 7nm process which will be 30 percent more powerful than the Snapdragon 835.

Digital Trends reports that apart from a newer Qualcomm chipset, the G7 will also feature an OLED display, much like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, offering better contrast, battery efficiency and thinner screens. This would also make the phone compatible with Daydream VR to boot. With Samsung and Apple already rumored to be preparing for their next year’s flagship releases, it is no surprise that other competitors like LG would follow suit. While the G6 was a complete phone and was also no slouch in terms of performance, the CPU inside it is not as future-proof as the Snapdragon 835. LG has learnt its lesson this time around and is planning on bringing to market, a stellar offering with a more powerful CPU on board.


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