Essential Phone release date: Will be available to buyers within 30 days

The Essential phone is now fast becoming one of the year’s most anticipated smartphone releases, owing to its unconventional design and characteristically defiant attitude to the traditional idea that most users have of smartphones. For those hoping to get their hands on one, they might get it much sooner than before.

A glimpse of Android co-creator’s Essential Phone

To cost $699, the phone has not yet been given a release date officially, but during the Code Conference, Andy Rubin mentioned that the Essential Phone will be ready for shipping within the next 30 days. This means that within the next month, buyers should be able to get their hands on one much sooner than previously thought. In fact, the phone can be reserved from the website so that buyers can receive it exactly within the 30-day waiting period.

Only drawback is that the phone will be available only from Essential, meaning that no other resellers or carriers will be carrying stock of it any time soon. Rubin does express that he wants his phone to be available for purchase through carriers and other retailers sometime in the future. If that is done, Rubin will have to try his hardest to remove the bloatware or keep as little of it as possible on the phone, something that carriers often find hard to do.

Essential Phone will have a screen similar to what was seen on the LG G6, with the rounded corners. The only gripe that users might have with the phone is the front camera that protrudes into the screen from the top-centre of the display. The near-bezel-less appearance will be something that all users will learn to appreciate.

For $799, the phone will offer features such as the new Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage along with a titanium/ceramic chassis for a more durable make. Where the phone lacks, is in the water-resistance department. Buyers will also get to enjoy Essential’s proprietary AI assistant. For those interested in the modular offerings, paying a little extra will get them a bundle which will include a 360-degree camera. More accessories that take advantage of the magnetic pogo connectors on the back of the phone, which also houses the conveniently accessible fingerprint sensor.

Once the phone is out, it will have to content with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the upcoming OnePlus 5 and the HTC U11, which all have stellar reputations currently.


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