MSI’s powerful VR-capable laptops put desktops to shame

With Computex 2017 showcasing the best of what laptops and PCs are capable of, many manufacturers are showcasing the capabilities of their newly announced rigs. Most notable, is MSI’s offerings, that offer the convenience and the near-limitless power of their laptops to provide VR capabilities virtually anywhere.



The most powerful of the lot, the GT75VR comes with a full-blown mechanical keyboard along with customizable RGB lighting along with a diamond-shaped palm rest. As for the internals, the laptop will come packed with either an NVIDIA GTX 1080, GTX 1070 SLI and GTX 1070, depending on the variant. Intel’s Core i7-7820HK chip will also be found in the rig, one of Intel’s most powerful chips to date. The display comes with MSI’s True Colour Technology 2.0 and 120Hz display for HDR colour and video editing, enhancing the visual prowess of the laptop for professional producers. On the VR front, the laptop will support Nahimic VR and the entire system is kept cool via MSI’s Cooler Boost Titan technology


The GS73VR sports a 17-inch HDR-enabled screen along with the GT75VR’s mechanical keyboard along with ESS SABRE audio. There is also support for Nahimic 2 Audio Enhancer and MSI’s True Color technology. It also comes with a high-quality slim brushed-finished chassis made of high-density aluminium alloy. The GS63VR is the same laptop, with a smaller 15.6-inch screen and has the world’s fastest 120Hz display with a 3-millisecond response time. HDR is supported on both models as well, and utilize MSI’s proprietary Cooler Boost Trinity technology that consists of five heat pipes and Whirlwind Blade fans for dissipating heat efficiently and quietly.


Both of the Raider series support the NVIDIA GTX 1070 GPUs and are 15.6-inch and 17-inch laptops respectively. They also come with the 120Hz refresh rate along with HDR support. MSI provides per-key RGB lighting with Cooler Boost 6 Cooling technology. For a high-end audio experience, MSI have also fitted the system with a Dynaudio Giant Speaker setup for some loud listening. What will set this series apart from the others is the design, which is supposedly inspired by the aesthetics of exotic sports cars. Which one, we are not really sure about.

MSI has not revealed other details of the new laptops such as pricing or availability just yet, but we can expect them to easily cross the $1000 price-point as these systems pack power and performance in a portable shell.