Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus to be released on December 7

The Redmi 5 and the 5 Plus have each been highly anticipated products from Xiaomi, with only leaks to go by for any certainty of their existence. Fans will now have something to rejoice about since the company has just updated their profile on the Chinese social networking site Weibo regarding a concrete release date for the phone officially.

The phones will be slated for a December 7 release date and will be introduced by the pop band SNH48. The post on Weibo shows an image of the 12 members of the band holding the Redmi 5, in a layout similar to Instagram’s profile view. Judging by the images, the phone will pack a FullView display and the rear of the phone shows just a single-lens camera accompanied by a flash and fingerprint sensor. We can expect that this phone will not be feature-packed, but should give budget handsets in the market a run for their money.

The poster’s tagline reads “A phone for a thousand”, which hints that the Redmi 5 will cost around CNY1,000, or $150. This would make sense, as the Redmi 4X already sells in China for CNY800. The Redmi 5 Plus, on the other hand, will likely differ in size.

According to Digital Trend’s report, the Redmi 5 should feature a 12MP snapper on the back and a 5MP sensor on the front for selfies. Keeping the phone on will be a 3,300mAh battery and the highlight of the phone is its sizeable chipset – which will either be Snapdragon 625 or 626 processor. We can expect the new Redmi 5 to come with a larger 5,7-inch screen with an HD+ resolution. It seems that the display will have rounded corners like the LG G6. Both the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus to feature the MIUI 9.

In the Plus variant of the Redmi 5 Plus you would see Snapdragon 62X processors, while the Redmi 5 would feature the smaller Snapdragon 450 in order to keep the price down. The Redmi 5 Plus will also supposedly feature a beefier 4,000mAh battery as well, making it a tempting proposition in the budget segment. The range has had a fair amount of success in India is now being called the “Desh Ka Smartphone” to celebrate the new releases.

Xiaomi is on a roll with a plethora of releases this year and a new smartphone will be released in India today and will look to pick up after the success of the previous generation Redmi devices.